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Remaining League Weekends
Season 2006-7  
21/22 April
Play offs:
Quarter finals 12/13 may
Semis and final 19/20 May (two days)


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Men   -  Season 2004-2005

4th National League Division 2 tournament in Nottingham,
20th Mar 2005
Cambridge 18 - Nottingham 14           (Moez, David 6, Simon 3)
Cambridge 19 - Southampton 8          (Damien, Moez , Pedro, Dubo 3)
Cambridge 10 - Manchester UHC 6    (Dubo 4, Moez 3)
Cambridge 19 - Oxford 16                  (Moez 7, Orestis 4)

3rd National League Division 2 tournament in Manchester,
20th Feb 2005
Cambridge 19 - Southampton 8          (Moez 5, David 4, Pedro 4, Simon 3)
Cambridge 18 - Manchester UHC 17   (Moez 7, Simon 5, David 3)
Cambridge 27 - Nottingham 15           (Moez 6, David 5, Damien 4, Carl 3)

British Cup Round One  in Liverpool, Sat. 16th Jan 2005
Liverpool 31 : Cambridge 42
        (top scorers: David 15, Moez 8, Pedro 7, Rahim 6)
Match Report:
The early exchanges were goal for goal, up until 6-6, about ten minutes into the game. The court in Liverpool is a little wider than our home court, and Liverpool were scoring too easily from the wings, as our defence struggled to come to grips with the extra width. Liverpool's physical style was earning early cautions for several of their players which resulted in the the first 2-minute penalty for a Liverpool player. We used the extra-man advantage to open a slender lead, with Moez and Rahim both scoring twice. After this, Liverpool adopted a man-to-man strategy against Moez in an effort to disrupt our attack. However, bringing a man out to mark Moez also created more room in their defence, allowing David to exploit these gaps and slot in three straight goals in the lead up to half-time.  
Half time score: Liverpool 13 Cambridge 20.
The second half started with Liverpool maintaining the man-to-man marking of Moez, and the physical nature of the game began to increase, resulting in more 2-minute suspensions for both sides. Some scintillating interchanges between our backs, especially David and Pedro, resulted in a couple of particularly acrobatic goals from Pedro.
Sensing the match slipping away from them, Liverpool attempted to up the pace by adopting a fast break strategy but we more than matched them for fitness and countered this with some smart interceptions, which broke down their attacks. We scored on the break several times during this period.
In open play, Liverpool had no real answer to the power and movement of David in the centre and on the line, and he scored consistently throughout the game, ending with a magnificent total of 15. Interestingly, though Moez was man-marked throughout the second half, he still finished with 8 goals - a result of scoring several penalties - an indication of just how physical and desperate the Liverpool defending became. With ten minutes to go, Liverpool's strongest player and top scorer was disqualified from the game after accruing his third 2 minute suspension, and tempers looked like boiling over, but we kept our heads and did not respond to provocation. One potentially nasty incident saw Rahim fouled while shooting, and sliding 7 metres head-first into a plate glass wall. It made a resounding "thud" in the sport hall - gawd knows what it sounded like in Rahim's head!.
The end of the game saw an end to any rancour and handshakes all round, with Liverpool having to admit they lost to the better side on the day. It also resulted in a ten-minute "inquest" in the corner of the sport hall for the Liverpool players!

2nd National League Division 2 tournament in Cambridge,
Sunday  5/12/04
Cambridge 14 Nottingham 4
Cambridge 12 Oxford 10
Cambridge 12 Southampton 4
Cambridge 16 Manchester UHC 8
for report and pictures see "press cuttings" page.

1st National League Division 2 Tournament at Oxford, 
Saturday 13/11/04
Nottingham 12 : Cambridge 28    (HT  4 : 16)
                  (top scorers:  Pedro 7, Simon 6, Moez 4, Orestis 4)
Match report:
It was useful to start against the weaker of the two other teams, as it gave us a chance to get everyone playing together in a competitive atmosphere for the first time, but without ever seriously being under pressure.  We were able to catch them more-or-less at will on the break, and Nottingham presented only a limited goal threat through the centre.  It was 16-4 at half-time, so the result was never really in doubt, even though we experimented with 5-1 and 6-0 defence in the second half.  Scoring was spread throughout the team, but the biggest cheer of the day was for that rising star of British handball, Damien Maurin, as he opened his account with the first of his two.
Oxford 18 : Cambridge 20         (HT  10 : 9)
                 (scorers:  David 8, Moez 7, Pedro 3, Simon 2)
Match report:
Oxford are a useful team, being relatively fit and fast, with some players having played together for two seasons or more already.  They also have some very strong wing shooting, which is not something we have encountered before in friendly matches.  Fast breaks to the wing helped give them a healthy 3 or 4 goal lead in the first quarter of the game.  We changed our 5-1 defence and started to get to grips with the fast breaks.  We pulled ourselves back with a couple of penalties from Moez, as the Oxford defence became increasingly physical.  Controlling the play in the final seconds of the half allowed us to get back to just 10:9 down.
With Carsten, Pedro and Moez each picking up cautions, we subsequently lost David, Moez and Simon each for 2 minutes during the second half.  Oxford did not get any 2 minute suspensions in the match, though in general the refereeing was very fair.  In two out of the three instances, we matched or even out-scored Oxford during these periods.  Pedro was being man-marked by now, and Oxford had noticed our frailty to physical line play, and were using two pivots in attack.  When Orestis converted our 5-1 defence into 4-2 for a couple of attacks, they soon changed back, however.  Once Simon decided not to step over the line when shooting, he got our 12th and 13th goals, which saw us take the lead for the first time. Moez then stepped up to the plate with 5 of our last 6 goals, and the game was won, despite being a man down for most of the last quarter, and David carrying a leg injury all through the tournament. 
One of the more satisfying aspects of the victory was our self-control, and that we played controlled handball in the critical periods of the game.  Also, our fitness did not let us down - a great improvement thanks to our longer training sessions this season. 
Previous seasons:
11/12 May 2002 - Nottingham International Tournament
Ruislip  18 - Cambridge 8,       Nottingham  8 - Cambridge 13
Salford  8 - Cambridge 8,        Loughborough  0 - Cambridge 5 (w/o)
Southampton 7 - Cambridge 5
9/10th play-off:   Tryst 6 - Cambridge 12
11/11/01 Cambridge 11 - Oxford 6
11/11/01 Cambridge 9 - Great Dane 17
04/11/01 Great Dane 40 - Cambridge 31 {F}


11/12 May 2002 - Nottingham International Tournament
Nottingham  4 - Cambridge 8,       Liverpool  12 - Cambridge 9,       
Great Dane 9 - Cambridge 6,        Ruislip 14 - Cambridge 4
3/4th play-off:   Great Dane 11 - Cambridge 8
11/11/01 Cambridge 3 - Ruislip 15
11/11/01 Cambridge 5 - Nottingham 6
11/11/01 Cambridge 1 - Salford 19
11/11/01 Cambridge 4 - Wirral 11

Next Fixture at a glance:


Sunday 22nd April
vs Olympia HC (London)
Nat League Div 1

Events of Note:

20th Mar 2005:
Cambridge Men win National League Division 2 title, remaining unbeaten for the 13 match campaign
12th May 2002:
Lucie Hoffmann top-scores in the Nottingham International Tournament
11th May 2002: 
First ever competitive match win for a Cambridge Ladies team